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2018 Series Venue - Keningau

Location of Keningau Town

Keningau (Malay: Pekan Keningau) is the capital of the Keningau District in the Interior Division of Sabah, Malaysia. It is the fifth-largest town in Sabah, as well one of the oldest. Keningau is also located between Tambunan and Tenom. The town has an estimated population of 173,103.

The name Keningau is derived from the locally-abundant Javanese cinnamon tree (Cinnamomum burmannii) which is locally known as Koningau. The tree is known as 'Kayu Manis' in Malay, and is sometimes also referred to as the 'king of spices'. The bark of this tree was collected by the British North Borneo Company to be sold as a spice. During the British colonial era, Keningau was one of the most important administrative centres in British North Borneo. The Japanese also used Keningau as one of its main administrative centres during their occupation of North Borneo in World War II.